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Why we choose Polycinylidene Chloride(PVDC)?


PVDC is a thermoplastic polymer with softening temperature of 160-200 ℃, and has a linear polymer chain structure with head and tail connected.

For PVDC, due to its strong intermolecular agglutination and high crystallinity, the chlorine atoms in the PVDC molecule are hydrophobic and will not form hydrogen bonds. It is difficult for oxygen molecules and water molecules to move in the PVDC molecule, so it has excellent oxygen resistance and moisture resistance, and its oxygen resistance is not affected by ambient humidity.

That is to say, under any temperature or humidity conditions, it has excellent ability to block water vapor, oxygen, smell and fragrance, and is currently recognized as the plastic packaging material with the best comprehensive performance in terms of barrier. The use of PVDC's gas barrier can delay the occurrence of food oxidation and deterioration, greatly extend the shelf life of products, and at the same time avoid the loss of the fragrance of the contents and prevent the invasion of external bad smell; By using its moisture resistance, PVDC can prevent the product from drying and tasting worse after losing water, and will not damage the packaging prototype due to the water absorption of the product, and prevent the natural loss (weight loss) of the quantitative product. 

The gas barrier property does not change with the change of humidity, and even the high humidity environment will not cause the deterioration of the product; With its low permeability, it can prevent the loss of fragrance, and it can not absorb residual smell and abnormal smell, which can ensure the integrity of smell.

Excellent weather resistance, even if exposed to the outside for a long time and directly exposed to the sun, the package will not fade and age. It is safe and environmentally friendly, meets the requirements of food hygiene, and has passed the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) certification, which guarantees the safety of food packaging.

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