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Glyceryl Glucoside Originate From Ocean Natural Algal Strain


Glyceryl Glucoside also named as Glycoin,which was founded at 1985 by Germany scientist, and initial production through unique fermentation process by germany company.

Our Glyceryl Glucoside through the SCGP to achieve the large scale production. Our raw material of Glyceryl Glucoside were chosen the green,pollution-free Ocean Natural Algal Strain, and synthesis of highly active 2-αGG in a pure natural configuration through photosynthesis, Ultimately refined through exclusive patented technology; our product purity can up to 99%.

The whole production process comply with government greener development plan ,and production also compliant with Carbon neutrality.

Glycerol glucoside is a glycoside compound formed by one molecule glycerol and one molecule glucose through the glycoside chain. It is a natural bioactive product synthesized by photosynthetic autotrophs of microalgae. In harsh environment, microalgae actively secreted Glycerol glucoside to balance the external osmotic pressure and it is the key active ingredients to maintain cell vitality, also known as "cell natural protective agent". 

For Because of its small molecular weight, Glycerol glucoside could quickly penetrate into the dermis, promote collagen synthesis, relieve inflammation, and moisturize the skin, et cetera. 

Glycerol glucoside is now known as the national tide of cosmetics " star ingredients ", and has broad application prospects in food, health care products, biomedicine and other health fields.

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