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Glycerol glucoside(Glycoin),An essential ingredients for luxury beauty care products


Glycerol glucoside(Glycoin), to be known as Cell activators. Glycerol glucoside(Glycoin) has a strong moisturizing effect, Glycerol glucoside(Glycoin) can also strengthen the skin's own immune system, activate the skin's antioxidant capacity; In addition, Glycerol glucoside(Glycoin) will rejuvenate aging cells, stimulate cell vitality, increase bone collagen in aging cells, resist aging, and quickly repair skin damage.

Glycerol glucoside plays multiple roles in the field of beauty care products

(1)Promote collagen expression, delay aging, remove wrinkles, and smooth fine lines

(2)Reduce the release of inflammatory factors, soothe the skin, and reduce skin sensitivity

(3)Promote cell healing and increase keratinocytes, enhance skin barrier

(4)Enhance the expression of aquaporins and provide deep hydration

(5)Increase VEGF expression, improve hair follicle microcirculation, and protect and nourish hair

Glycerol glucoside(Glycoin) Application recommendation

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