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Glyceryl Glucoside

Glyceryl Glucoside

Aosen New Material Is a Professional And Reliable Supplier For Glyceryl Glucoside. Glyceryl Glucoside is a glycoside compound with multiple physiological effects. The raw material of Glyceryl Glucoside was selected from marine natural algae strains, and the high activity 2-αGG ( purity up to 99 % ) of natural configuration was synthesized by photosynthesis, and refined by exclusive patent technologies such as cell non-destructive extraction. Glyceryl Glucoside has the advantages of pure nature, high purity and high activity. Glyceryl Glucoside as a Natural protective agents for cells,are popular in Cosmetic,food,health care products,biomedicine and other health fields. If you have interest of our Glyceryl Glucoside, contact us freely. Sample is available.


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Product Description

Product name:Glyceryl Glucoside

Other name:Glucosylglycerol;Gluycoin

Cas No.: 22160-26-5

Formula: C9H18O8

Molecular Weight: 254.23

EINECS No.: 824-773-6

Boiling Point:606.1±55.0℃

Density:1.58 g/mL

Storage Conditions:Sealed In Dry,Room Temperature


Color: colorless to light yellow

Odor: Slightly

Glyceryl Glucoside Specification

Appearance                                          colorless to light yellow liquid

PH                                                        4.5-7.5

Suitable PH                                            3.0-11.0

Assay                                                    ≥50%

Suggested Dosage                                  0.1%~10%

Stability                                                 ≤85℃,30min

Solubility                                                Soluble in water easily

Heavy Metal                                           No detected

Hormone                                                No detected

Pesticide Residue                                    No detected

Glyceryl Glucoside Process Flow

Glyceryl Glucoside Feature

1.Promoting collagen expression, delaying cell senescence, and smoothing wrinkles

2.Reducing the release of inflammatory factors did not relieve skin inflammation

3.Promoting cell healing rate and increasing stratum corneum, enhancing skin barrier

4.Improve the expression of aquaporin, deep water supply

5.Improve the expression of VEGF, improve the microcirculation of hair follicles, and protect hair.

Glyceryl Glucoside Packaging And Shelf Life

Packaging: 1~25kg/drum, or customized package from customer

Shelf life: 24months under sealed packaging, 4-24℃; the opened shall be stored at 2-6℃

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