Ceramide AP

Ceramide AP

Aosen New Material is a professional and reliable supplier for Ceramide AP. Ceramide AP is the latest generation of humectant, which is a water-soluble lipid substance. It is similar to the material structure that constitutes the cuticle of the skin. Ceramide AP can quickly penetrate into the skin, combine with the water in the cuticle, form a network structure, and lock water. Ceramide AP is the main component of the intercellular matrix and plays an important role in maintaining water balance in the stratum corneum. Ceramide AP aim for the different purposes from customers in cosmetic and pharm filed , we supply customer with high pure Ceramide AP, and the quality is highly recognized by oversea and domestic customers. Contact us For sample Now!

Model:Ceramide AP

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Product Description

Ceramide AP Cas No.100403-19-8 is odorless white fine powder.

EINECS No.309-560-3,Ceramide AP is soluble in highly polar oils at high temperatures 75℃-90℃. Ceramide AP is produced through the fermentation process of rice bran and has the same stereochemistry structure as the ceramide of human body. Ceramide AP is an efficient skincare active ingredient that helps the skin naturally preserve the renewal of the protective layer and the formation of effective barriers to prevent water loss and reduce the impact of external environment. Ceramide AP normalizes the natural peeling process of the skin through the peeling of skin scales, thereby revitalizing dull, rough, and tired skin. Ceramide AP as the main component of intercellular lipids in the skin stratum corneum, plays an important role in the formation process of the epidermal stratum corneum, maintaining skin barriers, moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening, and disease treatment.


Properties of Aosen Ceramide AP





Residue on ignition


Loss on drying


Heavy metals


Total aerobic bacteria


Yeast& Mold



Festure of Aosen Ceramide AP 

1. Strengthen skin barrier function

2. Repair and protect damaged hair, such as enhancing hair vitality and giving hair luster

3. Suitable for the recovery of dry, sensitive, and aged skin

4. High purity natural


Attention For Storage Aosen Ceramide AP  

During transportation, it should be loaded and unloaded lightly to prevent collisions, rain, sun exposure, and pollution. The product should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool, and clean warehouse, and heavy pressure is strictly prohibited.


Packaging And Shelf Life For Aosen Ceramide AP  

The Packaging is 100g/bag~500g/bag, or customized packaging according the requirement.

shelf life is 36 months under sealed packaging

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