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Ethylene Bis Lauramide
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Ethylene Bis Lauramide

Aosen New Material is a professional and reliable supplier and manufacturer of Ethylene Bis Lauramide. Ethylene Bis Lauramide is a multifunctional processing aid, and it is a type fatty acid bisamide compounds. Ethylene Bis Lauramide performance is better than EBS, Ethylene Bis Lauramide has the unique properties of high melting point and low viscosity in the melt body and very good mobility, in the melt body at high temperature, it and abs, ps, pp, pc, pvc resin compatibility is excellent; Strong affinity with pigments or fillers, it is itself a lubrication system, can reduce the resin and hot mechanical parts of the bond. Aosen Ethylene Bis Lauramide with high quality and inexpensive to provide customers all-around solutions in their using. If you interest our Ethylene Bis Lauramide, we shall be glad to supply you with our samples for you to trial to the develop projects.

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Product Description

Aosen Ethylene Bis Lauramide is a white to off-white powder or particle ,Cas No.7003-56-7, melting point 145-155℃,flash point≥285℃. Ethylene Bis Lauramide dispersant slightly alkaline, used in PVC and other easy to decompose acid resin, can inhibit resin decomposition, prevent product discoloration.

Ethylene Bis Lauramide can be used in many commodities and meets the requirements of many foreign agencies for packaging materials.


Properties of Aosen Ethylene Bis Lauramide




White powder or particle

Acid value


Total amine value


Initial Melting point


Loss on drying



Festures of Aosen Ethylene Bis Lauramide

1. Excellent whiteness

2. Good transparency, conducive to accurate color matching, especially high standard color matching system;

3. Higher thermal stability, in the process of resin processing, with a wide range of processing temperature permits;

4. High affinity with resin and pigment


Application Of Using Aosen Ethylene Bis Lauramide

1. Used as an internal lubricant and release agent for plastics, suitable for rigid PVC, PP, PS, etc., with good transparency of products;

2.It can be used as a lubricant and anti adhesion agent for non-toxic transparent PVC twist film and transparent PVC particles.

3. Used for glass fiber reinforced PA, PBT, PET, PP, ABS, POM, PC, PPS reinforcement and other products to prevent glass fiber exposure.

4. Flame retardant modification: Make the flame retardant more evenly dispersed in the resin, without affecting the flame retardant effect and material strength.

5. Lubricating and dispersing agent for ABS dyeing and polyester masterbatch.

6. Electroplating and welding aids, as well as release agents and lubricants for metal (metal powder and wire drawing) metallurgy


Packaging And Transportation of Aosen Ethylene Bis Lauramide

Considering the characteristics of the product, it should be loaded and discharge lightly during transportation to prevent collision, rain, sun exposure, and pollution. Products should be stored in a ventilated, dry, and clean warehouse, and stacking is strictly prohibited.The Packaging is 25kg/bag


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