Aosen New Material is a professional and reliable supplier and manufacturer of TPGDA. TPGDA is a bifunctional functional monomer with low skin irritation, low shrinkage, and high activity. Monomers are an important component of radiation cured products. They not only dilute oligomers, but also participate in reactions that affect various physical and mechanical properties of the product. TPGDA is a common acrylic derivative monomer, which used as an active diluent in UV and EB radiation crosslinking, it can become a component of crosslinking polymerization and impart good flexibility and stability to the UV curable film. Aosen New Material provide customer with high quality and reasonable price TPGDA. Feel free to contact us for sample!

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Product Description

Aosen TPGDA is a colorless or yellowish transparent liquid with low odor, Cas No. 42978-66-5,boiling point 361℃. TPGDA insoluble in water, soluble in aromatic solvents, and has good solubility for most acrylate prepolymers. Aosen TPGDA has the characteristics of fast UV curing rate, reduced radiation dose, and reduced viscosity of resin systems. Aosen TPGDA with stable performance and high purity can satisfy a variety application from customers, such as polymeric monomer, active diluent, and cross-linking agent in the fields of UV curing, radiation curing, coatings, printing, film, and ink.


Features Of Aosen TPGDA

1. Fast UV curing rate

2. Reduce radiation dose

3. Reduce the viscosity of the resin system

4. Low skin irritation

5. Low Volatility

6. High reactivity

7. Excellent flexibility


Properities Of Aosen TPGDA


Transparent liquid

Acid value








polymerization inhibitor



Packaging And Transportation of Aosen TPGDA

Considering the characteristics of the product, it should be loaded and discharge lightly during transportation to prevent collision, rain, sun exposure, and pollution. Products should be stored in a ventilated, dry, and clean warehouse, and stacking is strictly prohibited.The Packaging is 25kg/drum


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