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Dioctyl Adipate
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Dioctyl Adipate

Aosen New Material is a professional and reliable supplier and manufacturer of Dioctyl adipate. Dioctyl adipate is a typical cold resistant plasticizer for PVC, PE Copolymer, Polystyrene, NC, EC, and synthetic rubber Its high plasticizing efficiency and small heat discoloration can endow the product with good low tenderness, softness, and light resistance. Dioctyl adipate has good hand sensitivity, and has cold resistance, low tenderness, softness, and light resistance. Aosen provide customers with high quality and cheap price Dioctyl adipate,as an essential plasticizer,DOA play a role in plastics product field , feel free to contact us for sample!

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Product Description

Aosen Dioctyl Adipate is a colorless transparent oily liquid with a slight odor. Cas No.123-79-5,Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, ether, acetone, and acetic acid. Dioctyl Adipate is non-toxic and can be used for food contact products. Aosen always supply customer with high quality and superior proformance for Dioctyl adipate,High plasticizing efficiency and small discoloration due to heating,Dioctyl adipate was popular in many application for daily chemical products.

Properities Of Aosen Dioctyl Adipate



Ester content



Transparent no suspended liquid

Density 20℃,g/cm³


Chroma,(Platinum-cobalt )


Acidity ,mgKOH/g




Flash point,℃



Packaging And Transportation Of Aosen Dioctyl Adipate

Considering the characteristics of the product, it should be loaded and discharge lightly during transportation to prevent collision, rain, sun exposure, and pollution. Products should be stored in a ventilated, dry, and clean warehouse, and stacking is strictly prohibited.The Packaging is 950kg/IBC drum or 180kg/drum


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